Tell me who drift drift is how to retain loyal customers of the community


pull that calculate, my drift forum has been on-line for three months, really thank you for your help, the operation is very good at present, daily traffic in 4000-6000ip, as now, I have been very satisfied, now there are many friends of my drift community of loyal users, and even some became the administrator of the community. While the community is developing new floating friends, the old faithful can also be faithful to my community, and I’ll tell you how I did it,

1, try to satisfy your users’ needs,

one of the basic things that a web site has to attract users is the valuable information that users need for it. My community is like this, I set up a lot of pages, what military novels and so on, and finally found the traffic section of these many, although let you release a lot of information, finally reluctantly cut, increased sharing of parking spaces, Beijing training and so on, these are raised by drift friends, in fact. The effect is good, so my drift is floating service forum friends, forum settings is set to float the friends of the

2, let your users

there is an old saying, no not early, this sentence can also apply for Internet users, so the appropriate profit to your users is very necessary, as I drift shopping section, the beginning is a friend’s request to drift, he was driving a Taobao store. Often go to the forum post. The basic is advertising, but often be deleted, the basic effect is not very good, he said like him a lot of friends drift in the Taobao shop, but for his product release in many places, but often be deleted, the survival time is very short, what he said is reasonable, has also added some Taobao circle, the existence of such a problem, but the Beijing shopping section, but the development is not smooth. After opening up, according to statistics of the traffic analysis, traffic is not large, but not many owners to release their goods, finally saw a lot of website, finally improved, the Beijing section makes a detailed classification, and 15 free text ads set on the home page navigation, get this free the advertisement must first release their products, then I put the word out and sent to a shopping QQ group inside beijing. The response is very fierce, remember the day of the forum released commodity information over more than 500, and finally selected 10 to give them a free advertising position, now this forum activity can be ranked the top three, and I will contact the owner and the confirmation, they received orders in the release of information, 15 now I set an advertisement position, 5 has been sold out, the 10 is free, and I will put this down has been free of charge.

3, always interact with your users,

communication and sharing is the best way to progress with each other. Communication is the best medicine for narrowing everyone’s distance. I don’t want to be a mystic

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