Successful stationmaster must have the spirit of bright sword

before the article, and A5 editor said sorry, I have limited knowledge of text. But I’m really writing with my heart. Hope to give us these grassroots webmaster, a growth platform, I hope this article can be included. I believe you have seen the TV series "sword", recently read a master about the sword spirit video, think that is very reasonable. Today I want to talk about it with you network in the world of sword spirit. In fact, all industries have success, observe them all with the sword spirit. A5 has a lot of stories about the achievements of the webmaster. While we admire their success, we do not know the hard and hard work behind success. People who do web sites know that a successful website requires perseverance and perspiration, and that talent or opportunity is only a foil or ornament. There is no shortage of geniuses in all trades, but people often see only a few geniuses, and ignore the successes of hard work and sweat. But if you want to succeed in this field, then we must also have the sword spirit.

: the first to have the courage to difficult sword of the spirit of

everyone knows, as webmaster, into this career. Then we should fall in love with it and fight for it. Many webmaster friends see other people’s achievements, are to imitate. But after really entering the industry, but found that this career is full of thorns, bumpy. So I want to and webmaster friends say the first successful webmaster quality, is not afraid of the courage of difficulties. Don’t care about the temporary gains and losses: Baidu K, included little or not included, site drop right, IP less and so on, these is what you should be intent on if I continue to do, everything will be ok.

second: be independent and innovative,

Li Yunlong has been able to win in the time led the campaign, which is a very important reason is to be able to improvise, free play, we do so. Often see many friends in the website, because can’t through the appropriate way to improve their web site. We know that in order to get a good ranking of our website, we must do a good job of website optimization. Website optimization is different from other industries, we should learn to master some search tools algorithm, master the ranking rules of each search engine. SEOER should know that search engines give different weights at different times for different optimization methods. So when we do website optimization, we should learn to find the right method to optimize. In the optimization of their site, do not stick to the law, with others already used, or have been eliminated. People need to do site optimization for different periods of search engines like, make corresponding adjustment and innovation is the best way, because any kind of optimization method or marketing method, when using fewer people, often the effect is relatively good, the more people use, the effect will be greater discount.

third: good execution ability,

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