Qigihar talent network under the line to promote the road

February 24th, after an emergency, Heilongjiang, Qigihar, Hecheng talent online line, on-line publicity immediately placed in front of us. Previously, there was a website for local recruitment. Now the site is closed. How do we get more recruiters to know about us,

?The main problem after the

website is on-line is the recruitment information enrichment. Several of us have been able to find a lot of recruitment information through various channels and spend hours filling in the content. Start studying website promotion issues.

in the webmaster class website, we have found a lot of talent network operation way and method. Finally, combine local information. People always think that the network information in Qigihar is underdeveloped, and more people want to go to the website to find jobs and recruit talents. More Internet media publicity is needed.

so we have agreed to go to the talent market and the labor market every day. We send business cards at the door and print 5000 business cards at one time. Why did not print leaflets? In fact, we have been to many times the talent market, we get publicity leaflets casually thrown away. So we decided to use business cards, which are economical and affordable. And it has achieved very good results. On the first day, none of the business cards issued in the talent market were thrown away. And a lot of people are interested.

weekly recruitment, we will send people in time to wait for people to send business cards.

second is an active participant in various conferences.

Most of the people who can attend the

meeting are the boss and the head of the company, and they have the right to speak. So meet and meet them at the meeting. It’s a good choice. And many of them have become our customers.

third is to do website SEO promotion. A large number of local websites publish advertisements and information. Let more people know for the first time the existence of Qigihar talent network, no literary talent, please do not throw eggs!


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