Share network marketing experience need more exchanges before progress

boring and group chat today, never so positive, suddenly found that communication is a good thing, only know that they will not have access to the Internet, communication, feel a waste of time, but there is always wrong, exchange time, and of great significance, so after the need for more exchanges, more exchanges have no progress experience. I like this, are using the network to make money, the industry called network marketing, do SEO, do the bidding, do online and so on, but eventually, a word for "money", or a list of points to talk about it. Let’s hope everything connects,

one, SEO

my business is SEO, search engine optimization, it should be said is only a novice, unlike some orders from their own optimization, a month on wages, private and singular, about 6K to mature SEOER a month, almost the only work with wages, because of the lack of the next private single. Do their own station, the content is good, the flow of more than one month, there are a few W accounted for, do English station, well done, it is even more, direct beauty accounted for. Ha-ha。 This period of time, feel SEO resource is very important, the resources is king, SE like the mouth, like "some things to reason. Of course it’s a good thing. Good things are always worth living. Those who compare with SEO are advertised for competitive bidding. Here’s what you don’t want to say about your job. The key is learning and practicing

two, SEM- search engine marketing,

, this is my complete set. I’m a subset of.& the math concept still exists, huh, & what kind of people do you have? The skills are also there. The key is how to get your money optimized. This will make sense. For example, a product with the same bid, the system will have a score. The front row of competitors in the SE score in high probability, so you have been raised, and then come in here, you also need a guided process, how to guide consumers to purchase psychological, of course in the choice of when there is a science subject, in mining related words the long tail word, word order sentences, etc.. This kind of personnel, in certain industries do good, profits, interest on interest, capital investment will be more more, because 100 people see your product may have 1 or 10 to buy, buy, if it is 10000 people, the probability increases, the 10000 individual needs great the money to put money in the analysis of words, and these words, let users see, let them buy the psychological, but some products sell money is very slow, while the front purchase psychology has also confirmed the order, but also, when receiving may not, this requires the following consider, so many products need to consider many facts, need analysis of each possible problems. Only in this way can we control the cost and the return on investment will be higher. Like a friend of mine who runs a copycat, now it’s estimated that a million dollars will come in for a month, but when the money hits, when is the end and I don’t know?

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