The network process of a female stationmaster

In fact, their professional

is not very good, but due to popular network, like network, also learn to do the site. Remember the first website that you made, because of the space cost problem, already disappeared. Taking into account a variety of factors, I think if you want to develop a web site, you must have your own space and domain name, that is, the ownership of the entire web site. So after that, I bought space and decided to run a website. That’s the now. The location of the site I considered for a long time, have not know what kind of site is good, and later in view of oneself is a woman, and before this is also engaged in, so positioning in this site.  


has been in touch with the Internet for a while, and everything seems to have a sense of "numbness", just like human feelings. From the "do" Spider Man ", from the crawling insects do weaving spider man. Woven a network, no net to live in how many users, but they have been bound by this network of layers of layer after layer, a little breathing difficulties, or even suffocation.

tired of doing the Internet? Really tired?. Not tired, but the heart! Every day from morning to night, staring at the computer, tired eyes gently stretch, then continue, for what? Money? Fame? Or that a little bit of joy and satisfaction. The heart is pulled by the Internet, and sometimes really want to shout wildly, vent for so long since the heart of oppression. New year’s eve of thirty, many people go to Carnival, but who knows, there are many individual webmaster still desperately update their website, test procedures, code…. Tired, really tired, for the first time I feel powerless and helpless. Physical condition has been worse than before, often because of cold and cold, even if so, they are still hard to move forward, because there has been a dream that they have not realized…

insists or gives up? This is more than once asking yourself, "persistence is not always success, but giving up is doomed to fail."". For the website, I have given up and lost too many things. I have always thought that if there is a personal support for me, I will create a myth of the internet. But this myth is still far from me…

really numb, numb, eyes open, eyes closed, his head was the site, every day thinking about how to manage the website, how to promote the website, again check a webmaster statistics, even a IP wave, can make themselves feel the tread on air, finally returns to pay. Read a lot of webmaster story, through the hardships of running their own small station, I really want to ask: "my small station should go from here,


alas…. Another day, and the day goes by, and my dream will come true that day?……

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