Webmaster should pay attention to a few mistakes

China greatly small Adsense is difficult to gauge, some experience, some most webmaster ranged from a green hand, 2; this paper probes into some misunderstanding easily into the webmaster. These misunderstandings are the blind spots in the mind. They may go out of their way at once and eventually delay their time and experience. For this reason, do a detailed explanation here.

the first misunderstanding: content misunderstanding

has a saying: "content is king, link is emperor"." The emphasis is on the paramount importance of content in website construction. But someone will go into such a misunderstanding, content and content. Busy collecting all day, busy busy all day post, not easy to warm, but the efficiency had no effect. Some webmaster is taught: when the web site is submitted to the search engine, it must be full of content, can not be completed on the hair. Of course, this is correct, but when you collect tens of thousands of content, Baidu may not include you 1% pages. So don’t make content for content. To build a good website frame column, a hundred article is released, released to promote. While the content added, reflected in the later regular regular increase, instead of the explosive growth of content; this will make you stop showing a good momentum of development, but also is more likely to win the favor of Baidu Google. You don’t see some articles on the Internet, tens of thousands of sites, access to a small amount of poor, you do not see some of the content of the website is solid, but included less and less?

second mistakes: details, mistakes,

I believe that many webmaster are very beautiful, very idealistic. Your web site, like a sweetheart, loves to take care of. This reflects to spend a lot of events in many webmaster to design a beautiful logo, spend a lot of effort to understand a template, change a style, as are to make their sites neat, capture the eyes and ears of people. I met many webmaster, every two or three days change logo, as is a beautiful. Although logo will not affect the collection or SEO, but do not know too much about the pursuit of details, will allow the webmaster to spend time and energy. And webmaster will in the website style or template up constantly, although no one forced, none, but always not consciously into the website to better, more beautiful; some use CMS webmaster, see CMS official forum a beautiful template, my heart itch, always trying to change new.

third misunderstandings: technical misunderstanding

has a lot of stationmaster is trained, some Adsense is all the way over, always have some understanding of the technology. So, like, also have the ability to modify some of the procedures on their website, and even major surgery. Each time you are dedicated to the research, development, and completion of a function, you have a sense of pride every time you complete a functional transformation or succeed in changing a detail. The next time we get into the new ", ". This kind of station owner loves to play with technology, and he might develop >

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