Discussion on word usage and attribution in nternet operation

recently and had research on Internet operations relationship words and ownership of things, also a lot of information search on the Internet, but also to find some work for several years to do operation friends, found a lot of people and companies including some veteran operators for Internet operation between words and ownership confused with is not uniform, so many got in the field operation of the Internet the new person is confused. In order to make the operators in the Internet field more professional, more systematic, more unified, and more clearly the attribution of relations, is the focus of this article.

leads to long before the dentist called tooth carpenter, along with the development of technology and the times, later called the dentist, but the medical profession is not called the dentist, dentist feel mean just to see the teeth, no other. Later, the oral Association experts recommend the use of unified professional vocabulary called oral doctor, school specializing in oral medicine, attribution, clinical medicine, can also be independent. The term "dentist" is mainly defined as the wording of the dentist’s duty. It means that the dentist is not only looking at the teeth, but also the whole mouth, jaw and face.

‘s Guide to the Internet, because the Internet website of this relatively mature awareness, wide entrance single operation, practitioners more, so it is easy to understand website operation and revenue known as site operations personnel, referred to as network operators. Now with the development of mobile Internet (mobile Internet up here is attributable to the Internet), the mobile Internet is no longer a single entrance, is not mature enough to produce products and models more, a lot of operating personnel, the more is the WeChat public platform operator, APP operator, derivative operator. So we can’t call site operators, believe that a lot before the site operations personnel are not only responsible for a website, in the integrated operation is? Then the web site operators, WeChat public platform operators, APP operators, micro community operators is what operation? Not only called operation? It’s too abstract in my opinion! Is should be Internet operations.

Internet operation? Of course, many people call network operation and Internet product operation.

then we call network operation? Or Internet operation? In my opinion, network operators can be used as the saying goes, ordinary people can understand it, but in the professional specification above is not appropriate, because the network also contains many kinds of means, a telecommunications network, CATV network, computer network, so called network operation there is not enough close to the work we do is do you mean the responsibilities, network operations, you do telecommunications network operation? Or cable network operators? Or do the computer network operation? So what is the Internet? The Internet is belonging to network, is the premise of a network to the Internet. The process of exchange information through the network is called internet. You can glue the words. Does the website interact with each other on the network? Does APP interact with each other on the network? So the Internet is more operational and closer to our work

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