How do you change the garbage station to the flow station

I began to do stand at the end of 07 years of

, the time to do the movie station really fail every day to a few IP, this phenomenon lasted only 09 years in January, because I thought a long time, how to know some traffic rules.

1. soft wen. [most of this is known],

2. uses Baidu to know and stick it. [now, every day for me to IP500 more, as long as there is perseverance,]

3. uses popular blogs to promote it. [that is, post and post, of course, not too obvious publicity, you stand]

4.QQ. I believe the QQ customers how to widely apply for a new QQ every day with new friends send you one by one station information]

5. plug-in classes. [this belongs to rogue nature, but comes IP soon, a lot of]

6. deceptive nature. [not agree, because this will only come once, not come,]

this is my conclusion I see through the search engine Baidu is Google’s uncle uncle because we stand from Baidu to flow.

I do not always optimize the station, because the optimization can be targeted at Baidu and Google included, but you can not optimize too.

although I am not included in the station, but I use a few of the above features for me to stand in disguise promotion, I successfully converted from the garbage station to the flow station.

for HD entertainment and now I stand around at IP8000 on fixed customers about 1500 I believe everyone can do as long as you don’t want to eat a big fat man! ~ ~ I believe everyone will do to stand up!

, my station, what good experience can you add to my QQ and I exchange 309005402


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