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              [editor’s note], the author of this article, Zhou Ning, Ning Zhe, founder of the network, Sina, micro-blog, @ dream of Hong kong. Sina micro-blog was launched in August 14, 2009. In the past three years, the rapid development of micro-blog has greatly promoted the progress of social media. The author believes that the development of micro-blog has enabled local communities to have a more precise positioning of themselves.

with every footprint of micro-blog, the industry will repeatedly put forward some similar questions: will BBS be replaced by micro-blog? How does the local website operate differently?


two years ago, when Liu Hui and teacher exchange Xicihutong general manager, I summed up the "first view micro-blog threat" — "why Tianya, mop.com in decline, and the local community in progress?" the reason is: the constant technological innovation, business service, content operation. Two years of practice has proved that the judgment is still very shallow, micro-blog did not eliminate BBS, but to promote BBS, especially in the local community to better understand who he is.

one, differentiation is a false proposition, business essence is the key,

some people say, you see a few large livelihood topic are micro-blog hit, now even open the hotel please people do micro-blog operation. So is the form of the BBS community obsolete?.

seriously thinking about the problem, there are 3 key conclusions:

1, in business operations, can not be differentiated for differentiation, the difference is determined by the nature of the industry, rather than rival decisions.

what is the essence? For example, if you choose to be a meow star, then your language must not be "Oh ~ ~", it must not be "wow", it can only be "meow", or it will be expelled. Thus, the logic of deciding whether things can be done is whether there is a chance to "differentiate" under conditions that permit them to do so".

from this logic can answer the problem of difference micro-blog threat: micro-blog is a community product form, but micro-blog and all the functions can not cover the community, so many experts "– all in one story segmentation, vertical". The local community is a regional subdivision, and the key industry in the local community is vertical and subdivided. The key question is: what should we do in this position,


2, meaningful differentiation represents an innovation.

‘s second common mistakes about differentiation are that many people think that differentiation is "other people are communities, and I’m doing yellow pages differently."". This logic can be understood: in other people’s McDonald’s next to open a dumpling shop is feasible, but good business does not depend on you sell dumplings, but that you sell dumplings taste good.

therefore, differentiation is not formalism, but characteristic and creativity

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