Left hander pornographic door the aftermath also shock

"pornographic" with the passage of time, will be more clear, now the picture has been A Jiao, Cecilia Cheung, Elva Hsiao, Bobo Chan, Niki Chow, Jolin, Yang Yongqing, Joey Yung and other pornographic actress, have been released, Edison Chan pornographic incident a full set of pictures has been up to more than 400, becoming the 2008 year of the rat first entertainment circle of big earthquake, with the last actress Liu be on a par with the event.

I guess it’s hard to calm down in a short while. The entertainment, Internet, police and Internet users are busy for a while, and many people are excited now.

1, my friends have to learn to fix things recently, he said after watching these pictures can be found, in which the machine directly ripped off, unable to get online. I think we can’t just take everything for repair later. If you want to fix it, first copy the important things to the U disk.

2, as long as you’re on CCTV, you don’t want to be famous, it’s hard to see, and it seems that the whole thing will go to CCTV there, and my kuatai.com network will be famous too.

3, history has many lessons, can not help but play celebrities, you are not a reporter, do not literally send pictures or slander people, the police are not fuel-efficient lights, he wants to move, you can not escape.

4, yanzhaotu.com this domain name heard that some people quoted price 1 million, each time the domain name merchant and the seller are all smiles, I asked the seller to come to seek? He said that some people quoted price 100 thousand, he has not promised. The address of the network is now more than the current license plate number.

5, if the world is not something out, I will be boring, out of the door of this thing, let me this netizen’s eyes, let my hand to write something.

"pornographic gate" aftermath also shock, I hope everyone to hold on to yourself, do not forward pictures,


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