Crazy webmaster will bring more confidence to your CyberFair

May 17, 2009, "fourth China Internet webmaster will be successfully held in Beijing the Great Wall Hotel, this will be the growth in the end" as the theme, jointly organized by Comsenz and those left behind. "China Internet investment fair" Secretary General Zhang Xinliang invited to participate in the meeting, and with the local webmaster continued "ten thousand miles" leading edge, and carried out more in-depth exchanges.


conference is also set up 8th Anniversary Chinese Internet webmaster webmaster celebration party conference scheduled for 1200 people All seats are occupied., swarming into the venue, nearly 2000 people, unprecedented; "friends, brothers’ voice ‘handshake and embrace" can be heard without end, everywhere, but these have not expressed among the participants of the inner joy. Annual meeting is not only a head of the party, it is a grand network of crazy PARTY, as if the financial crisis is the press never happened; as the loyal friend and future partner, your CyberFair Secretary Zhang Xinliang moved and inspired, feel in and around the station together with the old friends meeting the grand blessing, "Chinese network industry will bring a full range of the reform of the economic system, the reform of the power station is around The core, and set the online transactions, investment, financing and product exhibition in one of the "Chinese fair" will be the change of the platform; the crazy years webmaster will bring greater confidence to your CyberFair – "together to create brilliant". Zhang Xinliang said was the scene of many webmaster identity.


your CyberFair Secretary Zhang Xinliang and the guests photo

current annual meeting of the webmaster profound discussion, the financial crisis in the past hundred years, China’s Internet master how to use the industry’s good foundation for steady reserves and rapid development. The meeting mainly SNS and open platform, the local community and vertical marketing, host domain name market industry three topic seminar, implement annual meetings will discuss some basic communication industry direction, business topics, technology, this year will be more to promote a growth in the end "concept.

at the beginning of 2009, many multinational companies and well-known enterprises issued a negative performance expectations, many companies even through layoffs to drive down costs, in order to resist the revenue decline brought about by the decline in performance and loss. But in 2009 the Internet industry is a different landscape, Chinese Internet industry usher in a more diversified competition situation, in addition to the traditional portals, search engines and online gaming community, open platform and social network (SNS) has been leading the trend of innovation, in the Internet more frequently through the interaction between the people and the Internet the Internet and the new opportunity is also approached us about SNS.


Sequoia Capital founder Zhang Fan (left) and Chinese CyberFair will celebrate the annual meeting of the Secretary General Zhang Xinliang

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