Comment on the fast accurate and ruthless way of making money

fast accurate — talk about small website profit graph king of 

when I recently contacted this two word graph king, feel very scared, because I always put the "map" to the "slaughter", and "King" to the "dead", meaning that the US personal webmaster slaughter clean, one is not left. Then I also read a lot about the stories of graph king, and that the king figure Sichuan earthquake donation of $6W, with great effort, only from the heart to the "dead Tu" into "kind of graph king".

I haven’t seen

graph king, but did not communicate with him, then blind to the evaluation of a person, it is unfair, it is not scientific, so I won’t say "how graph king is sincere, honest and generous, and many webmaster friends have seen the graph king, and some graph king talked, even deep contacts, how everyone King figure, a steelyard, honestly I really have not qualified to evaluate.

I today to evaluate what, write very clearly, a way of making the evaluation graph king "fast, accurate and relentless, maybe a lot of people are very strange, stationmaster Congress over the past several days, now how do you respond to them, this is to say, so I do not earn money. Because, I am always slower than others, so the way of making one of the" fast graph king ", as a blow and a shout disoriented, hit me. But when I carefully analysis in the article graph king mentioned in the "fast" after the words, I feel not so one thing, and I imagine the "fast" means very different, figure king in "fast" in that period said: "if you want your website to have a success to make money, make money fast, then said" you have not lost the opportunity to make money, and lose the power, so we must first "speed", the article I carefully read a few times, but I still don’t understand, all of these is not to make money quickly with what is inevitable the contact, if I can’t make money quickly, my website cannot have a success? In order not to lose the momentum, it is necessary to quickly make money


then king also quoted a figure saying: the dream of entrepreneurship is the first day of the second days of darkness, and the darkness, the third day is bright, then the graph king went on to explain that "but a lot of people died in the evening of the second day, third days to see." This is obviously what you mean by persistence. How can you relate to the word "fast"? It’s a little strange. But I’d like to summarize this passage to the king

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