How does a webmaster deal with planned site closures

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users often ask us if a website is closed in Google search robot, then the site in Google search results in the "visibility" will have a negative impact. Sometimes, site closure is an inevitable event: webmasters may temporarily shut down websites because of routine site maintenance or legal or cultural considerations. The reputation of the site can be adversely affected if you do not explicitly declare the site closed for the above reasons. Although we can not guarantee the site search, index or ranking, but we can still have some way processing program sites in close event, in order to avoid the site closed on the site in the search results in the "visibility" negative effect.

, for example, when the web search, the website should not return HTTP code 404 (not found) or display a status code 200 (OK) and the error page should return 503 HTTP result code (service not available), to the search engine that website is temporarily closed. In addition, webmasters can also provide users and search engines with an approximate timeline for re opening through the return of information. If you have the relevant information, the webmaster can also use the Retry-After header option lists in seconds off time or planned re opening time, Google robot can use this information to determine when to search the site.

returns 503 HTTP, and the resulting code also helps to solve many other problems. Some sites return 200 (OK) result code due to server errors, site closure, bandwidth congestion, temporary placeholder pages ("under construction"), and these sites often encounter a lot of problems in search. 503 HTTP results code is the webmaster to solve the above problems of the preferred program. If the scheduled server downtime occurs due to hardware maintenance and other reasons, you can use another server to return the 503 HTTP result code. It is worth noting that we can not return 503 as the ultimate solution — continued to return 503 "will cause the server has permanent shutdown" impression, thus we will delete the URL website from the Google index.

cited content:

header (‘HTTP/1.1 503, Service, Temporarily, Unavailable’);

, header (‘Retry-After:, Sat, 8, Oct, 2011, 18:27:00, GMT’);

if you set the 503 (service unavailable) return information, the header information using PHP will be similar to the above.

is similar to how to make full use of 404 pages, and we can also provide custom 503 information to users >

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