DC observation the recent new strategy to adjust the observation network

network has recently introduced a series of new strategies listed here:

1.NET domain name price reduction of 29 yuan, the current price of 110 yuan;

2. exclusive host I excellent price 1100 yuan, the current price of 4500 yuan;

3.G5 type virtual host 40 percent off, the current price of 1178 yuan;

4. security business mail 40 percent off, the current minimum price of 600 yuan;

5. exclusive I type, two years down 2000, the current price of 10000 yuan;

6. exclusive II-C type 8800 yuan;

7. standard website services, price 1000 yuan, the current minimum price of 2888 yuan;

8. network host can open a free online service function;

9. registered members present 200 yuan coupons.

10. nets cancel agency policy.

Most of the above

is promotion strategy, can be seen in the network after the cancellation of agency sales strategy. The network in order to ensure that the agent’s profit, all prices are high, the products can be said for the client terminal network is generally expensive, now without a large number of agents to help it to attract customers, the high price of the product is bound to make nets and ordinary users more and more far, so all changes in product prices is inevitable.


network adjustment is not big, but as far as I know, in general is still very difficult to accept the price, because the stability of the product on the market than the second tier IDC nets, but the price difference, it is my own will not choose million net products. IDC technical threshold is not high, is not really important technical means, but to grasp the policy, small IDC is in the storm do most, there are two reasons, one is the long-term market confusion, reckless price, illegal site control is not strict, and high profits; two to grasp the policy is not in place, the record review at the end of 08 early 09 began to take shape, but many IDC have not attracted much attention, and finally the national strict examination, all closed.

I guess now nets to shrink the front, the main face of enterprise customers, which is consistent with the idea of Ma, including behind the network host can be free to open "online customer service" this service can be seen, this is a great demand in general enterprise site, online customer service is to be paid. In fact, all must ensure that its profits, but also to ensure the new customers, positioning its products must be close to the enterprise users, although network products are expensive, but for enterprises, a year thousands of dollars is not worth mentioning.

if the domestic Internet warming, individual user station limit is reduced, may be in the near future, civilink first throne will be ceded to the other company.

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