How to use B2B website platform to do free internet marketing

is now using the network B2B platform for more and more sales, business is getting bigger and bigger, on the contrary, network marketing competition has become increasingly fierce, network ordering information day by day. I have a lot to do direct sales and trade friends, they have been in the 07 years before and after the use of network marketing to make a pot of gold (like Alibaba, HC and other B2B platform), at that time, not just the popularity of network marketing, network marketing and many people, they use the registered users free release of the commercial product information so the achievements of today’s network marketing BOSS; was also a lack of a perfect marketing planning website industry is in a stage of experiment and exploration; after several years of adjustment, the industry website marketing are no longer as monotonous, with the increase of users, so that the free membership fees and the difference is more and more big, free membership the product information is always in charge of members, especially the popular products, the first seven or eight pages are not likely to find the free user product information, so many users feel lost Looking out of online marketing.

In fact,

B2B platform or a free user space for survival and development, after all it B2B site or a very small number, rich people do charge of network marketing, they will not be in each B2B site, are generally preferred by Baidu and Google, then a comprehensive web site (such as a Alibaba etc.), and the corresponding industry website (such as mechanical and electrical home etc.), such as the search for a product, in the Baidu home page, promotion information only up to 10 places, while the other 10 and back pages is in search of some of the network to the information, but this information is B2B the platform for the industry website to search, the most important is that the information is only a small number of member fees released, so make good use of these B2B sites do free network promotion, there are still some room for development, I have to Free users to introduce some methods to ensure that Baidu included:

1. first registered some one volume of large B2B website, their information in Baidu exposure rate is relatively high, as long as you are diligent enough, Baidu is the information you will be included in it, but there is one of the most basic condition is that the product content of other company’s products you don’t copy Baidu included, maintain a unique, fresh, because only in this way in the Alibaba Baidu for you free information rate in the first few pages Baidu organic light.

2. registration is not possible, but for those who have been registered from Baidu’s B2B platform, or just a basket of water; first Baidu search keywords, then Baidu will appear in the first 3 pages of the B2B site record, and registration, release products information, ensure that Baidu will soon there you are.


3. product title and keyword to release different combinations, to stand in the user position to imagine, they will use what kind of keywords to search for products, so you can collect more information for network order. >

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