How gorgeous is the little red book going to make 700 million of its sales in half a year


Hunting cloud network

(text / Jiang Jixue)

users, users, users, in the eyes of little red book co-founder Ceng Xiulian (she is more accustomed to using LindaZeng self proclaimed), the user is family like existence. Speaking of little red book, she said every word can not be separated from the "user" these two words, she said: "users, let us become the leader of the sea Amoy community."."

The beginning of


in June 2013, in the United States for Mao Wenchao by the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial atmosphere inspired, gave up millions of dollars in annual financial work, decided to return home and work in the Tencent policy development, LindaZeng co founded the overseas shopping community share little red book, and by the real funds favor, millions of dollars to get angel investment.

In the early days of

, the founder of the little red book, Mao Wenchao, invited friends and friends from Hongkong, Singapore, Japan and South Korea to provide a shopping guide from a local perspective. According to Mao Wenchao introduction, many people go abroad do not know what to buy, because of language barriers and other factors, it is difficult to understand the quality of overseas goods, so I thought of doing a database of overseas commodity reputation. He believes that after 80 consumer oriented family, 90 believe in word of mouth, do not believe in advertising, to seize user demand is correct.

in October of the same year, a little red book from overseas shopping Raiders PDF spread on the Internet, in a short period of three days, the PDF received more than 500 thousand downloads, it also let the little red book found a huge demand in this area. But the PDF information is not updated timely, discounted merchandise, new products and other conditions change from time to time, can not control, then the little red book to make a transition to community (UGC) for user generated content, and only do the mobile terminal, in order to achieve higher frequency iterative information. LindaZeng told the hunting cloud network (WeChat: ilieyun): "our 90% users are girls, they like to share." Thus, from its inception in June 2013 to December 2014, the little red book did only one thing — the operation of the community.


user guidelines for strategic transfer

soon found the little red book when the female users in a community to share shopping for a long time, will naturally have a "buy buy buy" needs to provide the sea Amoy service Red Book welfare agency, has emerged in a user survey at the end of December 2014 meeting. Thus, a commercial closed loop of discovery, sharing and purchase is formed.

little red book also experienced from PGC to UGC, from the PC side to the mobile terminal, from the community to the community electricity supplier changes. And followed by the real fund and the Silicon Valley fund to chase millions of dollars of investment, A round of investment and investment by the GGV Ji Yuan B round of investment, tens of millions of dollars of investment.


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