51Talk acquisition of 91 foreign teachers Gong Haiyan face defeat dig enterprise users



DoNews feature in January 19th (reporter An Hong) "I hope you do too much attention and acquisition related questions", media communication at the 51Talk acquisition of 91 teachers, CEO Huang Jiajia solemnly asked. He also revealed that, after the completion of the acquisition, 51Talk will continue to adhere to the foreign teacher 1 to 1 product strategy and to Philippines foreign teachers as the main resource for teachers two core, and to teenagers and enterprise users for the development focus in 2015.

91 foreign teacher value is seriously underestimated, Xu Xiaoping enthusiastic push

January 13th, live online English education platform 51Talk announced that it has completed the overall acquisition of online English brand 91 foreign teachers, their teachers, staff and technical resources to be integrated into 51Talk, and 91 foreign teachers will be hired to become the founder of Gong Haiyan 51Talk consultant.

3 year old 51Talk, "like" in the final "Jiayuan founder" aura Gong Haiyan founded the 91 foreign teachers, once viewed as grass root: entrepreneurial star. It is understood that the acquisition was completed by the company’s common angel investor Xu Xiaoping’s enthusiasm to promote, the acquisition process is very smooth.

"91 foreign teachers is a serious underestimation of the company", Huang Jiajia believes that although did not get good operation, but in the current market segments, 91 foreign teachers still occupy a very important position in the market, with the acquisition of value. Huang Jiajia further explained the launch of the acquisition of the reasons:

first, enrich the content of courses: 91 foreign teachers have included adolescents, adults and 22 courses, three categories of more than 2000 points of teaching courseware, can further enhance the acquisition of 51Talk in course content advantage.

second, mature technology platform: 91, foreign teachers always attach great importance to the technical research and development platform, users can directly in the web page and client classes, 51Talk enhanced 1, 1 foreign teachers service users experience is beneficial.

third, diversified user groups: 91 foreign teachers, the previous user groups include 3 – 16 years of young user market, which is also one of the 51 directions for future development.

fourth, many enterprise executives resources: 91 foreign teachers and currently 58 city, Canon has employee training cooperation, 51Talk future 2B enterprise users very favorable.

and most importantly, 91 foreign teachers have well-known brands and Gong Haiyan’s personal influence. Huang Jiajia said, Gong Haiyan two pioneering, in visibility and media exposure are given 91 foreign teachers are very strong brand value.

focuses on developing enterprise users and does not rule out continuing to acquire

although the amount of the acquisition of confidential, but Huang Jiajia revealed that the acquisition of YISHION >

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