BTAUTO Yuan Hui why the car electricity supplier so difficult


so strong vertical category, why can not become the mainstream of the electricity supplier craze


Yuan Hui, assistant to the president and deputy general manager of Yi Yi Pai

as the vertical field, automotive and real estate subdivision has been doing very well, even the easy car network, Soufangwang such listed companies, but this two so the vitality of the vertical category, but can not become the mainstream commodity boom in business. Of course, as the property, due to intermediaries, developers and supply and demand problems in this area is indeed difficult, but as a relatively standardized car products, why is it so difficult?

In fact,

this topic in our internal view is not consistent, because after all, BITAUTO have yet to achieve automotive electricity providers, and car O2O, we have been studying the stack mode and doing some water, but can see is still a business industry represent the general trend of the road, there must be such a company out.

, but there is no Chinese companies in this regard to make, in fact, the U.S. car electricity supplier has not been fully made.

first of all, the problem is the payment process. Of course, now many payment platform has solved the problem of bulk payment, but for individual users, after all, a car is a big expense, and Chinese consumer habits is a Car Buying, rarely choose the loan to buy a car. In this regard, the United States is slightly better than China’s foundation, they used to buy a car loans, and credit more developed.

the second issue is the credit system. Users will have a lot of worries about buying a car on the Internet, and it’s not clear whether businesses selling cars via the Internet are trustworthy. In addition even if the car is basically a standard, but more users are still willing to go to the store to look at cars, and enjoy the store and service as well as a series of Car Buying follow-up such as insurance, licensing and other services.

third problems, but also the most important issue, is the contradiction between auto manufacturers and distributors. A few manufacturers are dozens of brand stores, more than several hundred, most likely to more than 1000, so many brand stores is he planning channels, but also the distribution network, once achieved the online sale, the dealer to do what


this is actually a difficult point to solve a contradiction, how to plug the interests of dealers into the car electricity supplier inside the chain to do. If a brand, such as Mercedes Benz, in an electricity supplier or vertical media website opened a direct outlet shop, then the dealer becomes a customer to the store to mention the car service channels.

Of course, there are a lot of

Home Furnishing shop has been implemented online sales, customer service line shop decoration, also can through a certain way to the combination of online and offline, but for the automotive industry, which requires a conversion process.

, the most important thing is that many stores are defined as 4S, and this S includes sales

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