‘ve been a dirty webmaster for years

wanted to end this life many times, but every time she went out, she couldn’t find a better job and went back to the Internet career I had no use for.

to be honest, I’m not a bad guy. I’m a hot blooded young man. I’ve been studying in University for 2 years. I’ve gone to Shantou, worked for several years, worked as a foreign enterprise, and also worked as a private manager. I did a lot of work and worked as a director. Wandering for a few years, what experience, and nothing left. Money, woman.

sometimes hates myself a little bit. I think I’m the one responsible, the diligent and the smart. From 4 years ago to join the webmaster career, then what all don’t understand, follow Liaoning eldest brother learned a little SEO fur, began to make a living in the webmaster edge of the internet. A rough calculation, also earned two million. But there are only 50 thousand of the stations that have just been sold at Admin5. Age, parents hurry home. I recently prepared to wrap up my burden and return to the hometown where I grew up and raised me.

actually site, I have always wanted to do seriously, I did a year of our small city site, and finally even the space costs have not earned back.

I did a year of agricultural information network, and finally sold only one ad, only a total of 50……

I’ve been working on a student’s website for a year, and finally called a hacker to just delete one of the pants head pages.


I want to live, in a long walk in the dark. From SEO, I made a bunch of erotic keywords. I know that these sites are blocked, and use these keywords to do some entertainment click advertising effect is good, is the Qihoo Uusee do like advertising, mutual collusion. Let’s go around the internet. Finally, throw away the net. And I just count the clicks and ads behind my back……

in the domain name, I also do a lot of wicked things. I know I was late to enter the domain name ring. The fat was gone, and even the soup was cold. I have registered some domain names of enterprises, and then sent mail to these enterprises. That half a year, I every day at 3-4 on the Internet in the domain name, all day in Enom and other domain name. One of the most impressive teachers in the northwest. The domain name of his school website is gone. Looking for me, I was also short of money, a cruel hearted, looking for him to 3000. Later, he bought the domain name at the cost of 4 months’ salary to keep his teacher’s job. After that, I gave up trying to grab the domain name.

in the promotion of garbage sites, now the mass Discuz vulnerabilities, and some Blog are sending loopholes, I find someone I requested to write out, and then sold to some people engaged in the promotion, now see a lot of alienated mass. I feel ashamed. My dream, my dream, my life, and finally on this road of no return.

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