Ling Kai personal Adsense lack of online staff to work

I started from the site to now almost three years, and in the industry is also a small reputation. Ready to start the site recently a lot of friends asked me, what is the most difficult to do? To tell the truth, for me, the biggest difficulty is not creative, do not promote, but can not find suitable business partners, the premise is that I don’t have enough energy and resources to recruit, manage and motivate employees.

all roads lead to Rome. In this absence of energy and money, I can only think of other ways to do my work carefully. And some entrepreneurs after more than a month of discussion, the author finishing three years to do their own webmaster experience.

number 1: not doing "non main business" work. This is very typical thing, a person’s energy is limited, doing anything, then nothing can be done well. Like I am good at planning and promoting, then I will do this part of the best, and other, such as development, design, to the right people to do.

second: hire employees to work. Hiring employees requires space, office equipment, daily expenses, and so on. For personal Adsense is not very realistic, there are funds can consider.

third: the "non main business" of the work to those who use this as "main business" of the workers to do.

some time ago, I found the webmaster online trading forum, there is a special channel for individual workers to provide recommended workers – on the task of China to hire online workers. The task China worker for the program, design, planning and other aspects, they do not need to manage your site, do not need to provide office space and equipment, they are also more cost-effective than you hire employees much cheaper.

Several considerations for online hiring workers at

1, publish tasks as needed.

tasks are learned, the site name, site like LOGO tend to creative work, suitable for the release of Witkey task, we benefit by mutual discussion web design and program development; high technology content suitable for releasing the bidding task, and then invite workers perform tasks; time is very urgent for people to find a suitable service from a business after the invitation of fast communication task.

2, know how to take the initiative to find workers.

2 million workers, webmaster can according to their own needs, to commercial service search workers, invite high credit value, ability of workers to complete the task. The first two pages of the search page are workers with high credit ratings and high levels of activity.

3, the task must be clearly described, you can refer to the task of China’s "good way to describe."".

tasks must be clearly described, saving communication time and communication efficiency with workers. Some employers because they do not have time to communicate with workers, and so on after the completion of the task to see the results, the results are not satisfied, and later found that their description is not clear. >

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