Local SNS website become craze new talent is kingly way

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in "portal field test the water SNS webmaster ready to seize the opportunity" mentioned in the SNS on the Internet has already become the darling of the portals such as the current support blog mentality to support the new SNS. Many webmaster also followed all the big portal, also to start the local SNS website.

SNS is still in the childhood in this field of China, and has not brought any benefits to each webmaster and major portals. But look at the Internet in the form. Microsoft in 2007 to $240 million to buy Facebook1.6% shares, which is worth $15 billion, a sum equivalent to almost two of global top 500 enterprises and Xerox karpov. Even Facebook’s Chinese apprentice has attracted the attention of many investors. Last year, the campus network belongs to thousands of oak interactive access to Softbank 450 million U.S. dollars of investment, another domestic SNS website 51.com has also received Shi Yuzhu’s $51 million favor.

why SNS so hot, in fact, the reason is very simple, that is, can bring unlimited amount of traffic and popularity, in the flow and popularity, is countless benefits. FaceBook, founder and CEO of Mark ·, Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) announced earlier this year, FaceBook new users in the United States 1 million per week, in the world this figure is 5 million. Users are Internet Co’s largest resource, with users, that is, occupied the future market revenue heights.

visible, SNS is a bank, now just save money stage. Banks are always making money, and that’s something sooner or later. As long as SNS grows up, he can sit back and collect money. Therefore, these large Internet users are willing to continue to test the water on the SNS, who would like to share this soup.

webmaster and the portal manager different, not so much money, not so many entrepreneurs to design SNS construction site, the webmaster business SNS website how? SNS website is what to make money? Stationmaster net (admin5.com) Wenyang think, advertising and website constantly the value-added service is the main form of the SNS website to make money.

because many webmasters do local SNS website, and many websites, advertising revenue is the most popular revenue on the internet. But SNS is not like any other web site. Advertising is always annoying users. Take the school network, in the happy farm, between friends and students stealing vegetables, farming. The potato chips used a small program of this kind to advertise themselves, and did not bother users, or were they keen on growing pleasure potatoes for sale. Do these ads not only brings benefits to the owners, but also give users increase the fun of games, increase website viscosity. This advertising model makes SNS shine. >

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