ZY net 1 stationmaster do 10 websites and 10 stationmaster do 1 websites

specific data has not been counted, do not know how many stationmaster is in celibacy, fight in the technology of a few websites and update. Also do not know how many stationmaster collaboration runs a website.

before, I also registered no less than more than 10 domain names, novels, games, portals, anime, jokes… Domain names are also available, com, CN, net. Was also a rookie, bent bigger (see my first "anti yo net" column, too much, no center). Until last year he noticed a person so many website real tired, not so much time to manage, so every day only for hundreds of IP, there is no meaning and value of strenuous efforts, wasted youth, life. So, 10 years of "disarmament" policy. Only 5 main stations are left. One of them is everyone familiar with "webmaster romance network"". It’s not a dumpster, it’s all a station. But the 5 stations are still full of trouble and can not be taken into full consideration. Recently also in the "careers". Otherwise it can only be death road one.

personally, I think a person can have many stations, which involve all trades and types. But don’t force are distributed to these sites, you can reserve the domain name registration, or after the line in there waiting for Baidu, PR is coming, do not be too concerned about, a few months to see it, because the station is what we call "zombie station". Unless you have enough funds and people in place, you can start your zombie station". Otherwise, put him on the "zombie" first,


then again, everyone has his or her own interests. Do stand, divided into several types: 1 earn money, 2 interest; 3, earn a little money when interest. However, the ultimate goal is to hope that their stations can be accepted by Internet users, thereby bringing economic benefits. This is the ultimate goal, we need to stop to consider the potential value of the site as well as the development prospect, list all your domain and online website, choose your favorite, the most affected areas, to research the art or function, which makes you a stand on the user’s experience to quality this is a leap, first half sentence title, if you do only start a domain name, so webmaster, can tell you that you have not far from success. Because you are now a webmaster, do a web site attentively".

below to talk about cooperation operations, that is, 10 webmaster do 1 web sites". Actually, this is a very simple but very difficult thing. Simply because if you want to set up a company operating a website, you can recruit 10 people, this is not necessarily the personal webmaster, but also can do it, because the webmaster is not how high the threshold (except Technology), as long as there are people in training, will soon join. But not everyone can start a company, at least now without funds or with a steady job. Most of the webmaster or a person standing alone, every day in addition to update is propaganda, a person tired enough

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