The eight circles network CEO Zhang Libo talks about the Southern life gateway

eight world network CEO Zhang Libo talk about Southern life portal

current guest: eight circles net CEO, Zhang Libo,

local topic: eight circles network, Southern life portal

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Fang Qingbin: Mr. Zhang Libo is welcome to a business interview in First of all, I’d like to ask Mr. Zhang Libo to introduce the basic situation of the eight boundary net.


Zhang Libo:

good evening, the eight world network ( was established in August 2005. It has been more than two years since. Earlier, we mainly takes the eight cards into the business model, we in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou and other places signed a business 3000, and issued eight community card 30 million copies in the three city. In the middle and late, we switched to the Internet based model, and now the main mode is the local life portal. More will be a feature of the media.


frankly speaking, we haven’t realized the real consumption share yet. We will still take this as our direction, but it’s a long line. At this stage, we are creating a local community consumption and life media, a bit similar to the "boutique shopping guide" interactive version of the network.


overall model, is from the community consumer media to the community e-commerce development in a main direction.


the first stage, advertising is our main mode of profit; in the second stage, the transaction will become the main body of our income. 08 years, we belong to the first stage.


we from the previous catering oriented direction, after the development and adjustment, to form a "shopping + marriage" based, food supplemented by the direction. Dining at this stage will not be our main target, because we can not earn money, we pay attention to female consumer goods.


this is the current situation of the eight networks. The development of the enterprise and the transformation is very difficult, but generally speaking, the past few months, our development is very rapid, in the target, I am planning to do the eight sector net in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Hongkong and other places. The entire Pearl River Delta is very vigorous consumer areas, this is our plan, thank you.


Fang Qingbin: Thank you for sharing. Now let’s go into the dialogue.


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