Soft advertising is beneficial or harmful to the forum

recently, a lot of network promotion executives in my blog and I exchange said, BBS now audit is more and more strict, so, BBS marketing operation will be more and more difficult. Yes, this problem is becoming more and more obvious. The chance that the article is approved by the forum is now getting smaller and smaller. So, is this soft advertising message good or bad for forum administrators,


personally believes that there are several reasons for this situation.

stand in the BBS administrator’s point of view, they don’t want to see their site appear garbage information, affect the quality of the site information at the same time, also will site browsing crowd lost information on the site. However, Guangzhou network marketing experts believe that if it is not malicious in the forum "filling" spam information, the forum administrator can appropriately relax the scale. Because "soft Wen" is through artificial modification, he in the publicity of their own information at the same time, but also today’s outstanding phenomenon reflected. And this kind of information is what web browsing people want to see because they’re hungry for useful information. From this point of view, the soft soap advertising on the forum itself is beneficial (of course, administrators should also do a good job of audit).

that BBS administrator will not do, after all, the site is also hope to profit, they don’t want "non cooperation" advertising information appear in their own site. If you want to send this kind of advertisement, you can pay for the forum promotion.

reality is what kind of? "Spread partners" advertising information, because they think they pay, then they can release a large number of advertising information, their own in a flagrant way unscrupulous, but let the forum into "garbage dump"!! this kind of machine and post what is the difference. You gain the benefit, but hurt the reader.

mutual benefit is not just economic, can also be content, as long as the text can reflect certain social problems, as long as the forum visitors want to see, the administrator can do more (may be sent to your forum on the move is original.)

is another poster not a short time to publish the same type or the same kind of advertising, it will not only make the administrators very disgusted, will also allow visitors to have visual fatigue, even on such information without hate, is not conducive to the dissemination of such information, even opposite. The negative is not conducive to the spread of information. On the contrary, it is not only disgusting to disseminate high-quality information in a planned and step-by-step way, but it will make us look forward to better information.

soft text determines the quality of information dissemination, but the rational use of channels for network marketing is everyone’s common wish. Forum soft text marketing should not be the forum and "information" mutual aversion, mutual dislike of the opposite situation, and should be mutual respect and mutual use of cooperation scenarios.

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