Share the development course of Chinese literature website with new stationmaster

some type of website is several years before the birth of the Internet, such as blogs, such as making friends, but the literature website is with the Internet age, like news website, can be said to be one of the first type of site.

literature website can become "veteran", there are objective reasons. In the early days of the Internet, the content of the website was mainly composed of words. There were characters, editors and fans of words (or literature lovers). In the print era, published literary works through newspapers, magazines and publishing house, after contributing often requires a long waiting period. The emergence of the Internet is simply the gospel of literary lovers, publishing work has become simple and fast, literary sites have also naturally produced.

is not clear about the course of development of foreign literary websites, but I still have a good understanding of Chinese literature websites. The development of Chinese literature websites is closely related to the development of China’s Internet. It can be divided into four stages: the forum stage, the short stage, the long stage and the diversification stage.

I, forum phase (1997 -1999)

Internet just entered China 97-99 years, Chinese website is not much, the person that can get online and the person that gets online also is very little. At that time, Sina, NetEase form several major portals: community, forum has become a literary writers you place., Tianya, CILU appear professional forum website, enrich the literature lovers network life. Although these forums are now developed into a comprehensive forum, but when it was established, the literature section is undoubtedly the most fiery. So far, these forums have a strong humanistic color. Many Internet writer is from these websites became popular, such as wood, Murong Xuecun ten years.

two and short (2000 -2002)

this stage can also be called "professional stage", that is, there have been a number of professional literary websites. These sites are common: 1, with a short literature, essays, short stories, poetry is the three most important genre, the novel rare; 2 registered users, the main purpose is to publish, reading is secondary; 3, the article must be reviewed in order to send table, website editor is very important who holds the power of life and death; 4, original articles are generally an article published only in a web site; 5, almost no commercial elements, the author published works without income, readers read free; 6, generally to provide users with essays and diary, message board, web interface are good-looking; 7 China, there are elements of traditional culture strong.

under the banyan tree and netrose is representative of this stage, the former prevailed. Because of financial strength and publicity properly, banyan under both quality and reputation are the boss of the time, a large number of well-known writers recruited, representatives of Li Xunhuan, Ning Caishen and Anne baby. The first is netrose founded by individuals, but its design is very beautiful, in a gentle.

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