UNQLO’s most terrible how to make low price high force


text / gold, wrong knife,

can become the richest man in general are very fierce, but Yanai is not the same, he is very sinister.


] the first knife knife: the sinister nature of the richest man in Japan

first on their own very sinister, he wrote two books, a book called "one win nine defeat", meaning that a victory is packed into nine failure. There is also a book called "a day off," which means "hate the success of the past.".

of his staff is very sinister. He often calls within the company, and a curse, "people who can not swim, let him drown". Afraid that the staff didn’t understand, the Ryui Masa made the slogan on the wall of the company.

Even in Japan, UNIQLO

, known as the "black factory". Because the Japanese standard, its turnover rate is too high – less than three years, half of all new recruits to leave.

is related to Liu’s early entrepreneurial experiences, repeating the nightmare of corporate failures every day.

of course, Ryui Masa the great benefits to consumers sinister style.

We all know

quality control Japanese clothing is very powerful, UNIQLO’s quality control is abnormal level.

I was surprised to see a number. UNIQLO clothing is in many China production industry, the average defect rate is generally 2-3%, UNIQLO requires factories to defect rate down to 0.3%. Moreover, the evaluation of defective UNIQLO very strict rules, what is defective? Such as T-shirt surface, even if only a 0.5 mm thread is defective.

let me take a breath.

This is consistent with the

Ryui Masa, Chinese said mensao. What do you mean? The surface looks so soft, but the inside is very destructive.

, for example, Ryui Masa subverts a traditional law, generally do business will follow this law, I called the "middle die law", or the highest or lowest, the middle part is not high not low are most likely to die.

generally, clothing is divided into two types: one is the super brand, the brand is very good, the price is very expensive; another is not what brand, very cheap, the quality is not good, the polarization is very serious.

Ryui Masa said, "I want to make the middle part. The price is cheaper, the quality and quality are very good.". Now many competitors also stressed that we have a very good quality, the price is very cheap, but really this point only uniqlo.

has been UNIQLO’s business model is not what secret. Is high quality low price, is fast fashion.

I don’t think so. I think Ryui Masa is the top

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