Mou Changqing tell me about Sina micro blog and Tencent micro blog in my eyes

, Sina, micro-blog and Tencent micro-blog can be said to be representatives of the domestic micro-blog, but they are very different, each has its own advantages. Many of my friends are familiar with Sina and micro-blog, but they are strange to Tencent and micro-blog. I hope that through this blog, I talk about the impression of sina, micro-blog, and then let more people are not familiar with Tencent, micro-blog’s industry friends, Tencent, micro-blog.

is the most popular, with PK users up to

Sina micro-blog, no doubt, is now the most popular, active users of the most popular micro-blog platform. And Tencent, micro-blog, because there is a huge user base QQ, although it is not the most popular, but it is the largest number of users.

one: Sina, micro-blog’s advantage,

1: Celebrity boost, Sina, micro-blog’s biggest advantage,

, Sina and micro-blog are popular, mainly in celebrities. The same stars, Sina and Tencent, micro-blog, respectively, have the same audience and fans. But the star in Sina, micro-blog sent micro-blog information out, will get more user interaction, and Tencent, micro-blog relatively deserted.

can do that, mainly because Sina has a preconceived idea. When it comes to micro-blog, you think of sina first. Love to make so many celebrities, stars are selected to update micro-blog in Sina micro-blog for the first time, the new trend of the fans to get a star, behoove can pay attention to these stars in the Sina micro-blog information.

I often find some stars while Tencent also has micro-blog, but also micro-blog, Sina micro-blog is more obvious than the late hours, even a day later, even the possibility of a micro-blog is not the star I send. Because the star of the first time sent micro-blog, mostly through the mobile client. To Tencent, micro-blog here, that is displayed through the web page released, it is likely to be on behalf of the staff. Because not seize the opportunity, many celebrities, mainly in Sina, micro-blog active, and this is also the face of Tencent, Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog’s biggest disadvantage, but also the biggest pain.

2: Sina, micro-blog users more high-end, more suitable for social

, if you want to know more people in the industry, or some of the industry’s heavyweights, Sina, micro-blog is definitely the first choice. Sina, micro-blog is a very good social platform. Basically, what kind of people can find, if you want to know the high-end people, or let these high-end people know you, in Sina, micro-blog can have more opportunities to expand.

, Sina, micro-blog’s user base and happy network are similar, partial white-collar gens. And Tencent, micro-blog’s user base, a more mixed type. And many people although in Tencent, micro-blog has ID, but mainly also play Sina, micro-blog. Tencent, micro-blog, active users, not Sina, micro-blog, many, this is everyone knows the fact. Of course, this is only the status quo, not forever.

3: Sina, micro-blog marketing is more recognized

recently, I have been in touch with many micro-blog marketing companies and have learned that most of their customers are only Sina and micro-blog. Sina, micro-blog >

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