Webmaster again soft writing should also be true to prevail

now has a lot of people know when their own website promotion, not only post, quiz can help to promote their own website, and write soft is indispensable, in the soft just born, not many people to recognize the soft real value, when a burst of fire, after the birth, people began to understand that soft power can promote human sentiment and idea for one thing, so all this is derived from the text, but also can not be soft to write, every piece of fire soft to fit reality, with the actual reality of life to people, let people see you soft promotion can’t help evaluate the discussion of your soft, so your soft release after is successful, there are a lot of people feel soft wenyiding soft now, when it comes to this sentence when the People from different understanding, really want to let the soft soft, content to infect people, and then promote the readers of your soft are discussed, so that in the aspect of moving people soft wenyiding soft, but the soft content must be hard, the so-called hard is to fit the actual writing, may I say so much, there will be many of my friends feel do not know where to start to write, I can share my method, and according to the text I will share how I write a soft Wen to attract popularity, good crap, here to share with me.

one, soft Wen theme to fit the actual

when we want to write a high quality soft words, then you cannot do without people to pay close attention to the topic, writing for people to pay close attention to the topic, such a high quality soft Wen will be born, may I say that the more general won’t let you know, of course, I will give you a detailed the so-called soft Wen said, the general theme we have to choose people to pay close attention to the topic, so we have to do is to see what you have recently been the topic of concern, and then screened, when screening after you can write articles, but here I want to say is, the soft content must be true, don’t own fiction, if you own fiction can attract popular words, then I suggest you go to your fictional text, but people don’t write soft everyone is creative So, what we need is a reference, some have been found and the topic of the writing, of course, I have to say if you can invent a soft paper to attract popularity, so I suggest, if you can attract popular fiction, then your soft fire is inevitable. The first person to eat crab and you will become a controversial issue of the creator is that we often say, but also to fit the actual fictional soft, not too false, so it is the theme of the soft ground must be adhered to the actual.

two, a soft text of success, can not do without creative Title

as mentioned above, when we choose us to write flexible language content, and now we have to do is to write the article, so the first thing we have to think of how to write the title title? Said I strongly recommend that the title not too common.

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