United States Group Wang speech record billion sales target is not radical

February 2013, 23 Japan US group net CEO Wang in 3rd Anniversary annual meeting for the first time the target of 100 billion sales. "Entrepreneur" exclusively learned Wang’s speech full text, the speech is divided into three parts, respectively, Thanksgiving, goals, talents.


Wang Xing speech in the analysis that the service industry is very large market space, as group buying and mobile Internet closer integration, this field will certainly appear "next billion company."". Wang Xing stressed that talent is the core of the U.S. group net assets, as long as you find enough talents, each growth target, each specific job has a corresponding personnel to implement, to achieve one hundred billion U.S. group net sales target is not difficult.

below is the full text of the speech:

The lights on the

are very bright. I can’t see you all, but I want to say that all our colleagues are so talented. Today, such a precious time, I would like to tell you about three points.

the first point is to thank you. It’s not polite words, review the United States Mission for three years, we first ten individuals, a city, a single day to now there are more than 2700 colleagues, 94 City, 40 thousand list, has made some achievements, let me feel thanks to a lot of people.

first thank the people around you, I think you first of all the people around you, and realize their good, you can be better for people farther, in turn, is not established. So, I would like to thank my colleagues who have worked with me, thank you, thank you, Mu Rongjun, thank you, Lao Wang, thank you, Chen Liang, and I want to thank them for their support, help and tolerance. Because everyone has flaws, including me, because people have a lot of shortcomings, so at work, in all aspects of that team, team can help each other, mutual support, mutual tolerance when necessary.

and I want to thank all my colleagues, including today show, no show to colleagues, and today’s "American star", and also did not comment on the "American star" colleagues, is the joint efforts of you to make the U.S. group can get better day by day. In addition, there are many colleagues in the field, as well as the current work, in order to continuously service consumers and can not come to the scene of colleagues, we would like to thank them.

we’d like to thank our former colleagues who have already left the company, but who have built blocks for the US team. No matter what they left because of the U.S. group, the United States mission they cause during the working period, do things, service consumers and businesses, I think it should thank them without their efforts, beauty will not have today.

so, we would like to thank all our colleagues, present, absent, present and former colleagues, thank you all.

the second point I am going to talk about is also a very exciting thing for me. It’s the goal.


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