Webmaster annual meeting reflections some hope something has become

May 17th, the fourth China Internet Adsense annual meeting held in Beijing, I was a great network training center consultant, vice president of Tongliao Internet association identity, participants have some insights.

the Internet is working hard for young people.

more than 2 years ago, China the Internet has developed into a new realm, exchange name card at the venue and a lot of people, have found rare personal webmaster, most have become Internet Co manager level of the industry, and many young people around the age of 30, those participants with and so are millions of the worth of the guests. There is essential difference between Internet industry and other industries is that it is a new industry, no one who can inherit his father in the Internet community based, are their own working hard together, more and more young people with a dream to enter this field, already has a majority of people realize the normal operation, through their own fight in 2006, far less than the Internet Co, and in 1997, playing the Internet are few, but these people are all through the early entrepreneurs realize the primitive accumulation of capital and fortune.


network community is simpler than any industry.

the traditional industry is abysmal, and entering a company is hard to see the boss. And the interconnection of the network makes the distance between people and the minimum, the Internet industry, those people, those things that spread at the fastest speed. No authority in the Internet industry, any person has the right to speak for themselves, then the high position, also will announce his contact, Zhou Hongyi publicly announced his mailbox to find good projects, Dai Zhikang is willing to exchange name card and any person, the atmosphere relaxed, estimated that everyone saw Dai Zhikang carrying a the girls running around the pitch in the package; 5G net is a large group of assets of more than tens of millions of talented men still remained in concealment, IT chiefs have their own home and be willing to communicate with anyone; I think the interpersonal relationship in other industries can be difficult, so simple.

women suddenly emerge and find themselves blue sky.

or in the small town of Tongliao for a long time, suddenly see things as Things seldom seen are strange., capable of long-term vision sharp language female unexpectedly quite surprised. A female college student in Tianjin, close to face the question of several chiefs of calm, language behavior of female college students show your decent, elegant appearance; the local vertical venue, the logic of a pet with the female master’s question, a good grasp of speech, revealed a ten foot courage; a beautiful the girls took their name card and any active exchange, the senior people almost all of her "harassment", but her starting point is for the cause. They are only the most ordinary people in the conference room, and there are many people like this. It also reminds the local boys, especially some students of computer science, it is only in contrast to sigh, but no ability of pride, and limited outlook is.

wisdom touches the internet.


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