What can the world cup cyber war bring to the small and medium sized websites

after the closing of the 2006 World Cup, Eric had to focus on the world cup means "netizens to do a survey, sources on the Internet is very obvious, with more than 384 million Chinese Internet users (as of January 15, 2010), the Internet channel 2010 South Africa World Cup battle will be more smoke.

has hundreds of millions of fans to pay attention to the forthcoming opening of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, both England, Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, and other strong teams, many fans support, in the gateway of the world cup live page opened a web chat room for fans to discuss ardently. Focus on the world cup without boundaries, if the average small website to join the chat plug-in easy.


to live as an example, in the lower right corner of the page to join a chat room plug-ins to achieve registered users and visitors to the site to join the chat, and the key process shielding chat information, so it has good protection for the security of instant messaging.

this technology applies to small and medium-sized websites, and its similar products have xtalk chat plug-in, as an example:

1, xtalk chat plugin can be applied to all domain name sites, web chat rooms do not need to install, click the application code embedded in the web page. The example shows: http://s.xtalk.cn/case.php.

2, the world cup brought about by the battle for the network is a blowout type of network resource contention, the use of chat plug-ins added to the web site, PV promotion of the site and user retention time has a significant growth. Take one station data, for example, the community installed two weeks ago Xtalk chat plug-in, statistics found that the amount of registration than without before the increase of 8%, PV increased by 13%, the average user stay longer.

yes, in the world cup network battle, predators are the battlefield, the four major portals, several major video sites have long been robbed in full swing. Nevertheless, speculators could nearly 400 million of Internet users China divvy up the differences between the network and the television for people to provide a more direct way of communication channels, Internet users concerned about Internet news more and more varied. It is foreseeable that the world cup after the Internet will be concerned about the amount of Internet attention is a new peak in history. Small website just grasp the opportunity in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore "long tail", that is worth.

World Cup in four years, make our life more hot topic of conversation, let website fans gathered to share experiences and feelings together, together to enjoy this wonderful event.

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