Talk about how to skillfully use other people’s template style to do a good job of the site

recently opened a seojiu forum with his friends (SEO drinks), and we’ve been talking about what domain names to register, but eventually we think seojiu is better for us.


keyword is of course SEO, now SEO forum too many stations emerge in an endless stream, with a touch version, with a tone, with a melody, finally tell you his station or forum can help you optimize the keywords, help you to bring up. However, too much style of the station will affect the customer’s aesthetic fatigue.

, for example, you see a very popular domestic units of a large imitation of Hollywood movies, the first time feeling good, second times so so, third times tired. Just like an actor, you only play this style, the audience will not buy your account.

do the same thing, the site is a lot of imitation, but you can not copy, imitate innocence, plagiarism is stealing other people’s labor achievements. Speaking of plagiarism, NetEase copied an article of mine this year. Plagiarism makes people angry, so respect for creation, you need to indicate that you are reproduced.

how to skillfully borrow other people’s style, your station to achieve the same effect? There are generally the following ways can be used for reference.

first, imitate similar industry station. Its style, it has, you also have, it does not have, you have to, and this is extraordinary.

second borrows the advantages of other industries to make up for deficiencies. Other industry stations are different from what we do, but the common point is that we hope to have high popularity and visit rate. In order to retain customers, you need to promote.

third, good at speculation and improve content. Originality is very important, webmaster not only have a strong will, but also need good language ability and writing skills.

fourth, more activities, such as charity activities, exchange planning and so on.

fifth, more summary communication, the station’s visibility began.

imitating a good station means half your success. Your own management, maintenance of good, is the total success.

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