Recruitment website test the water SNS social interaction on the basis of mutual benefit

China’s first smart news business social network officially launched

BSNS (Business Social Networking Service) business social network, business social networking services, specifically designed to help people build a social network of Internet application services. Unlike other social networking sites, BSNS is a social networking site that emphasizes business and professional contacts. Professionals such as lawyers, investment managers, headhunters and businesses are more likely to join the business community.

in business social networking sites abroad according to long, as the most successful business networking site Linkedin — the United States, founded in 2002, has more than 85 million of all industries across hundreds of individual registered users and more than 500 business users. China’s Internet has always been keen to imitate the successful business model in Europe and America, and innovate on this basis. Today, thousands of oaks and Zhaopin cooperation in the country’s first Chilean news business social network (, after several days of testing, formally launched today.

Jingwei network and thousands of oak’s Renren, happy net is different, the core crowd locked in the 25-45 year old around the workplace and business elite. In addition to business networking site (BSNS) by invitation, but also open the application mode, the user submits the name, occupation, company, and positions, mail and other information, the website audit also can become a member; with the traditional networking sites are different, the business located in the social network and high the quality, social search engine based on QA pattern integration, at the same time, the creation of high efficiency and high quality information privacy and social network, and ultimately trust and intelligence sharing.

It is reported that the

network can not only latitude to build their own personal data files, to show themselves, more importantly, can invite colleagues or business partners on your experience to judge, and through the establishment of business relations in Jingwei online to transfer trust; can also invite their business relationship between people, get online dynamic personal contact the center, rapid amplification of their network. Can be said that the graticule is located in the high-quality commtech + high-end real name social business website, through social relations in building trust between users, users and enterprises, share business resources, create value and opportunity to individuals, but also to provide enterprises to establish their own justice, credit and brand platform. Is a new type of business communication, allowing the domestic Internet to re understand the importance of business, social networking and interpersonal relationships.

social networking on the basis of intelligence sharing can bring benefits to SNS and online recruitment

is an important part of social media, the development of SNS in the country have been walking "entertainment" line, happy net, Qianxiang the comprehensive well-known SNS website, while getting a lot of attention, the user base is very large, but has not had a stable profit model. >

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