Novice Webmaster vision far away learn to use rather than rely on

2004, I dream came to Shanghai, first came to the big city, just out of the train station, the oncoming wind with a strong commercial atmosphere, the company reported to sit in the car, looking at the roadside in a hurry to depart the crowd and the building, decided to break a piece of heaven and earth in here.

I have a high school education, and is a prefecture level city of the three stream middle school. After graduation, did not join the army, and did not spend money on the "regular" private universities, into a local computer company as a technician, master a lot of computer hardware and software and network maintenance technology. Interested in network hardware, two years later, he went to a computer school in his hometown, capital city, to study network expertise, such as switches, routers, configuration, integrated wiring knowledge. In the provincial capital a year and a half, let my thoughts have changed a lot, while the outside world is also more eager, when a Shanghai enterprise website construction and promotion of the network company to recruit, I did not hesitate to take the interview.

believes that the big city to leave the hometown around the friends have feelings, no qualifications and background, the only experience in the home or small computer maintenance company in Shanghai, looking for a technical work is simply a dream, do a telephone sales, daily work is to give enterprises a strange the phone, ask whether the website construction and promotion of demand, others shouted in the telephone, visiting the cold, so when the security was questioned and even detained, these have become homely food (not much the same experience sour, sweet, bitter, hot now, only friends can resonate). Gradually, from the layman to the beginning of gradually understanding of the Internet, by an underlying sales do the demand analysis and the project manager to do the work, contact customers, all cannot do without the website construction, business, shopping mall, B/S architecture, business support, creative, talked about the countless, I want to do a website of your own, but has no idea.

I am a movie buff, some movie will feel enough, or not fully understand, go online to find the film, see understanding and comment on the film the others, in the course of time has become a habit. Since it is their own hobby, why not make a film review, and after comparison, the final set down in the form of forums, and chose the DZ6.1 (then 6.1 version just out). So, domain name, host, logo, section, filing, database… Every day dreaming about. A week, all finished, 08 years in June, but also on my birthday, I gave myself a gift, online.

has always had a problem at the beginning, as long as new members are registered and posted, from time to time, the forum will report errors when browsing or entering the super pipe background, prompting a database error of 1020. With the official solution, the database can be solved immediately, but the problem still happens. My virtual service providers is data >

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