Sense of domain name registration in Quanzhou private hospitals

just saw the medical navigation station, and he did very well. Fortunately, the friends of Quanzhou, personal feeling than the Quanzhou Health Bureau, those websites do better, in the medical treatment difficult, expensive medical background, it can also be said to be a good thing.

in Quanzhou called zaitun, then the economy how cattle X, now still in active private economy proud. Similarly, private hospitals in Quanzhou are also quite active.

often communicate with friends who are in charge of medical treatment. Now share with you some ideas about domain name registration

Quanzhou hospital domain name registration need to pay attention to what? The hospital domain name should register what type of


1. needs to register a hospital specialist domain name, such as qznkyy. COM, qzfkyy. COM, qzebhyy. COM, qzzxyy. COM, qzmryy. COM, fjnkyy. COM, fjnkw. COM, xmfkyy. COM, xmnkyy. Com

2. needs to register hospital brand domain name, such as qzdhyy. COM, qzwlyy. COM,

3. needs to register the hospital telephone number, domain name such as 28151999. COM, 28159666. COM, 22560061. Com

4. needs to register regional domain name. 115114. Org, 0595. Com

5. requires registration of domain names such as qzrlw. COM qzqlx. Net

hospital network marketing is now more and more toward the station group development, with a network homogenization competition, a website takes all the time gone forever.

wants hospitals to have a niche in regional marketing that requires regional domain name protection and investment.

you still thinking of peers, how do they do the network? Today, we share with you Quanzhou private hospital network gangster layout of the domain name.

note: the -1 table is not protected. 1 tables, 1, 2 tables, 2, and so on. Com/net /

is not specified

Quanzhou Oriental gynecology hospital: qzdfnz (1), 22186120 (1)

Jinjiang Oriental Hospital: jjdfyy (1), 27767777 (1)

Quanzhou Quan Hai andrology hospital: qzqhyy (1), qznanke (1), 28151999 (1)

Quanzhou Eurasian Urological Hospital: qznkw (2), 28159666 (-1)

Quanzhou Xinyangguang gynecological hospital: 0595fk>

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