More and more nternet users grassroots Adsense but more and more difficult to do

just saw the news that Chinese users exceeded three hundred million, half year growth of forty million, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released here on sixteen, "statistics report" twenty-fourth China Internet development in two, as of 00 June 30th nine, Chinese netizens reached 338000000, Internet users reached 155000000 mobile phone. The report shows that the size of China’s Internet users and broadband Internet users grew rapidly, the scale of the Internet ranked first in the world. Chinese users reached 338000000, representing growth of thirteen point four percent to two by the end of eight the first half of 00, an increase of forty million; while the scale of broadband users reached 320000000, the total number of ninety-four percent, an increase of three point seven percentage points compared to two to 00 by the end of eight. Such a huge number of Internet users and amazing growth rate, but for the webmaster is also more and more difficult to do.

if according to the conventional theories of such data should be along with the increasing of Internet users is also increasing demand, the owners should do better, but that is not the case, according to the heart to know, now there are too many webmaster have the transition to e-commerce mode or in other industries, although the number of N years ago, users are now not so impressive, but each stationmaster is made very moist, including the station network graph king this time into this, but with the popularity of the Internet, low threshold of the so-called webmaster webmaster, more and more, just a CMS or a a source, apply a 10 yuan to buy a domain name, space is a webmaster, so with the increasing number of Internet users, the number of owners of this circle is also the same proportion Increase. Stationmaster, the dinner is getting worse and worse.

I also believe that no matter what kind of web station, as long as there is enough traffic is good, can make money, and even have been very confident that even if the website is no good profit model, as long as the flow simply rely on advertising alliance by GG also has a good income, also often see those who are earning thousands of thousands of knife, but now feel more and more difficult, with the increase in the number of sites is convenient, there is one with all the money flow on the network psychology, too many websites have also contributed to the Baidu search engine, and the adjustment of the algorithm, it is too difficult rely on Baidu to get traffic, of course if you are optimizing the master that would be a different matter. (of course, if you tell me all about it, then there’s no such thing as a master.)

used to do the kind of so-called depend on traffic, by GG, advertising alliance revenue days used, all of a sudden not ranked, did not flow, do not know whether you have sufficient capacity to adhere to, if you insist on a month, two months, half a year or maybe not what color. Some people will say that SEO never fault is always around the user search experience, ask how many sites around the user experience to the original, pseudo original collection one, how many webmaster not by relying on certain keywords >

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