Use information dissemination and promotion methods to obtain high quality flow and high quality cha

information promotion, mainly the use of classified information website of this kind of platform for the dissemination of information as the main means of promotion, through a large amount of information, improve the product or web site exposure, visibility, the chain obtained at the same time, enhance the website weight.

information promotion is one of the earlier methods more, it should be said that this method is quite mature, but some friends at the time of the operation feel unable to start, or is difficult to carry out to see the effect. I think we should straighten out the mentality, dare to try, insist on the implementation. Network promotion, a lot of time to spell is the implementation of a method to the extreme.

below, combined with my own promotional experience, share how I operate information dissemination and promotion.

The search and selection of

publishing platform

network classification information platform is very much, through the search engine search, and you can find hundreds. So how do we choose the platform? Those first must not big platform integrated the pass, such as 58, go to the market, people, easy on the network, on the one hand the platform of high weight, the information released by the chance of the search engine included high, on the other hand, the platform itself can get traffic, the larger the exposure rate; second according to their own industry for the industry platform, the platform target users accurately; third according to the business scope, classification information platform to find local; finally we should consider the time and energy to choose the appropriate number of platforms.

account registration skills

platform is selected, the next step is to register as a member of the platform. Although registration is relatively simple, but there are certain skills.

first, register one or two master accounts, the user name is the website or product name or keyword you want to promote, which is used to publish more important information.

second, more registration vest, usually most of the platform, an account, daily release is limited, registered in a large number of vest on each platform, you can take turns to release a lot of information.

third, registration information to be detailed and true, on the one hand, the probability of registration through the audit is higher, on the other hand, the user’s confidence in such accounts is higher.

titles should conform to user search habits and keep up with user requirements


information release principle is through the massive dissemination information, takes the platform as the bridge, obtains the opportunity from the search engine. At the same time, the platform itself shows limited location, and the information is also displayed through the station search. Whether from the point of view of the search engine or the platform itself, the title is one of the keys to the decision. So the title should be consistent with the user’s everyday search habits. We should spend more time researching the user’s search habits, understanding what they need, and incorporating the keywords they might search into the title. At the same time, we should pay attention to keep up with the needs of users and release different content at different times. For example, we are >

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