Tips for web sites to be quickly included

I believe this article has been a lot of people. But this one is definitely different. You will benefit a lot from watching it carefully. Within three months, I did twenty websites to do the collection and SEO experiment,

number of websites to be collected within 24 hours: 2

number of websites to be collected in 2 days: 4

number of sites included in 3 days: 1

number of sites included in 4 days: 2

within a week, basically 90% of the websites have been collected, there is only one station more than 20 days included.

one, 24 hours, the two sites that were added to add up to two pages! Full.Html static. Yes, I went directly to the Taobao copy of a page to save, but also achieved a better ranking, included in the day, my target keyword on the first page of Baidu.

            Summary: why a page can be collected so fast, also made a good ranking? Answer: what I do is " SONY digital camera " this keyword, Baidu index 1500 or so. The competition is small. The domain name is (no, Beian, HeXie). The domain name is very suitable for the SEO keyword, the website is only one page, but is purely static web pages, less error pages less, are more likely to get the trust of the search engine. Because the site is only one page, and search engines are not stupid enough to believe that your website a lot of acquisition, I think your search the engine is graded, the spider to grab your web page, if you reach a certain number, will be submitted to another program to check whether your collection, copying ", on the contrary, if there is only one page, do not need to submit the audit, nature will accelerate included.

A few websites that was collected two

, two days is my guest promotion program is DEDECMS, each site about 30 articles, the day was collected, the first page of Baidu keyword target before the three.


target keyword search results less competitive, only about 4000000, the page is less, Baidu would not have seen the acquisition too, to speed up the collection, this is not the main reason, I think the most important reason is that Baidu content most of my website is original, my website content of all sources on, shielding Baidu, Baidu will naturally do not know there is some what articles, and Taobao inside the commodity description is very rich, I reprint this article, I think Baidu is the first station, is the original!

other websites, I don’t tell them one by one. I’ve got 20 websites

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