Small local big income how to make money on local information network

new year has arrived, and wish the webmaster new year, the website is thriving, income day into thousand yuan

said that right now, I’m bin information network website website webmaster, I, just set up soon, I hope you do not joke. Recently many webmaster friends with me, to explore the development of information network and the question of where I, some owners on the future development of the local information network is very good, I was one of them, some say local information network, no development.

here I say my own opinion, I said before, there is no garbage site, only the garbage webmaster, you don’t have the ability to manage a website, then the site will not have the development, you don’t go to business, it does not have confidence, and how to manage? We do not get, but once confirmed the direction, not timid. We engage in the website, say vulgar point is to make money, we’ll talk about the website income this, if a webmaster, do not have too much money to invest, then engage in a county site, some people say that the development is too limited, this indeed, when the site developed to a certain scale is not too good development, but the scale is many webmaster can not reach, no money, no experience, you should start small, small place well, go to the big, such experience, financial support, the development of local is not difficult.

is a county population of about 30–100W or so, the Internet rate in developed regions can reach more than 10%, there are 3Q–10W people, if developed areas, the Internet rate is several times higher, a web site, if there are tens of thousands of people visit, then even the municipal website, also a bad local information network to earn money better than any other site, a 1000IP website, a monthly income of 500-1000 easily, this or that only rely on the website advertising, local information network and other sites are different, he and the local television and newspapers, but also for the local people better than the newspaper TV, because he can reflect the problems encountered in life, with the influence of the network appeal to the government or related departments to solve him, this is the charm of the local network.

engage in local networks, not rigid to rely on website advertising bit to make money, when your site has a certain popularity, you can expand the appropriate business, make full use of network resources. Such as. We develop the local network, to do publicity, publicity QQ is essential, we will engage in hundreds of local QQ group, these groups can give you a website to do publicity, but also can give other advertisers to do publicity, now QQ mass software, also with a lot of people, but most businesses do not understand also, don’t know this software, so we can carry out a business on behalf of the business, what we need publicity for them, using the software of 500 groups as long as one hour to send a group of 50 people, according to the calculation that is 25000 people, the business can spend a small amount of money, reach a lot the effect of publicity.

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