What are some of the college students doing at school

now the college students want to find the most suitable for their own entrepreneurial small businesses, to expand their own strength, here is the small series according to some business "summarizing the status quo of golden ideas" to see what everyone is how to start.

1 various types of education and training. If you have a school of medicine, psychology, education, you can use the University of this brand, learn from developed countries, to carry out early childhood education".

2 mature technology transfer. In particular, science, engineering, agriculture, medical colleges and universities, there are some technical issues and mature technical projects. The teacher is busy with his study. You can do this to find the market for technology, to achieve the transformation.

2 garments design. The vitality of clothing shoes and hats is the introduction of the new style, the design is the life of such enterprises, I know a Taiwan boss, is to do shoes family. What’s the best way to do this? When he was young, he took a camera all day in the street and went abroad. He was looking for a new style. After the design of the new, made samples, so that large shoes agreed goods, and then take orders to shoe factory processing.

3 all kinds of information service. No matter what kind of information, as long as enough professional, informative, deep enough there will be a lot of people need, to the industry, small to the list of commercial value.

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