Hubei carbon financial innovation pioneered the first day of the product line trading volume reached

green development is an urgent problem to be faced in our country and even the whole world. Environmental pollution, has caused serious consequences, to the quality of life of mankind has brought immeasurable impact. Hubei to meet the needs of the development of the times, and actively promote the introduction of carbon finance.

in the green development and the construction of the national carbon market, the meeting, Hubei launched the country’s first carbon emissions trading products. Launched the same day, the spot forward transaction volume reached 6 million 802 thousand and 200 tons, turnover of up to $150 million.

, deputy director of Hubei provincial development and Reform Commission Director of the Provincial Energy Bureau said Zhen bridge, the province’s first breakthrough in the field of innovation of carbon finance, loans, launched the carbon carbon fund, carbon carbon hosting, all the chips and other innovative products for the enterprise energy saving and carbon reduction to broaden the financing channels, reduce financing cost. The carbon emissions trading spot trading products, will also further reduce the market risk for enterprises and institutions to control the cost of financing new tools.

individual investors can participate in the transaction

Hubei carbon emissions trading trading center director Li Qiuchen introduction, carbon emissions trading forward start, help compensate for the carbon quota trading spot market due to excessive concentration, lack of liquidity caused by the price of non rationality fluctuations, help to reduce transaction costs and avoid long-term risks, also contribute to all kinds of carbon finance product innovation.

Hubei carbon emissions trading center compliance department head Li Quanwei analysis, for the control of enterprises, companies worry about the future of carbon prices, can be purchased in advance of spot forward products. When prices rise, the proceeds of the sale of goods to obtain long-term products will make up for the cost of the spot market price increases.

at this time, the cost of buying the quota will be locked to avoid a substantial increase in the performance of the spot market price increases the cost of performance. This early locking performance costs, reduce the performance of the risk of the characteristics of the use of funds to become more efficient, for the control of carbon asset management companies to provide more flexible means of trading.

Li Qiuchen added, the long-term stock trading products for individual investors, at present, the spot market has reached more than 6300 individual investors, institutional investors more than 90, Hubei controlled discharge of 166 enterprises, is expected to reach 240 this year.

Hubei emission control companies year on year emission reduction of 7 million 670 thousand tons

Hubei carbon emissions trading center chairman Chen Zhixiang introduced, as at the end of March 2016, Hubei carbon market quota cumulative turnover and turnover respectively accounted for 57% and 46% of the national market, and perfect market mechanism has also led to the enthusiasm of enterprises emission reduction, the first performance in the province’s 138 control recommended

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