Hu Run’s secret of wealth

Hu Run (Rupert  Hoogewerf), was born in 1970 in the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, the British CPA, the famous "rich" of the founding of the people of. 1993 graduated from the Durham University in the United Kingdom (Durham  University), who studied Chinese at Renmin University of China, after studying in Japan to learn Japanese, proficient in German, French, Portuguese, Luxemburg and other seven languages. Andersen has seven years of experience in London and Shanghai accounting industry, launched in 1999 Chinese first rich list rich list".

operating Hu Run rich list, is a lot of friends that "to fully understand the situation, China China market", caught the public psychosocial transition period, and will produce their own Hu Run rich list before adding his name, it is marketing experts believe that it is a smart office. Hu Run through the influence list and list, and increase your visibility, moonlighting is more logical.

where he is a blue plaid shirt, his face is always a gentleman with a smile, handsome face, cheerful look, rich body language, a claim to be fluent in English and the habit of inclusion English words is Chinese, report to reporters first impression. Different from ordinary foreigners, the appearance of the more young, often cover up his real age, and now 42 years old, he is still a child face, and when you first came to China in the past few years, there is little difference between the photos of the more than and 10.

"I list without their consent." This is the work principle. Regardless of whether the rich are willing, how to blackmail, and even a lawyer letter to tell him that he always insisted on the label affixed to the rich – Hurun rich list of people.

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