Three character classic small business success

small business society now seems to have become a social trend, at the same time, in the whole society emerged in many of the small entrepreneurs, want to become a small entrepreneurs, many entrepreneurs also need to grasp the matters needing attention.

for many small entrepreneurs, they have no more business advantages, lack of funds and experience, if you want to succeed in this case is not a very easy thing, but this small entrepreneurs also don’t feel frustrated, remember the following business success, "the three words", will let the it is traceable to.

first to steady". Entrepreneurs need adventure, but not to "die", especially less money to entrepreneurs, the failure probability is very small after. In fact, the less money you can choose a higher maturity of the project, the insurance industry, such as clothing, food, housing, travel and other business related to daily life. China billion people, every day for themselves to spend money can be said to be like a surging river in an unbroken line. Reporters a friend’s sister, after the collapse of the factory at a loss, then choose the food industry. Spend 9800 yuan from Hebei to learn a "sacred bone crisp fish" technology, dedicated to restaurants, deli, supermarket and wholesale distribution "imperial crisp fish bone". The decree is the "national bone crisp fish consumers preferred assured food", plus technology authentic taste good, good outside a fish bone inner can do thorn rotten, eating is not only the ordinary "fresh" is a hitherto unknown "sweet", coupled with the unique effect of "imperial edict" this brand, sold every day before school to think, "core material manufacturers unified supply, others can not fake, with counterfeit" used "technology of fish, like counterfeit money, can not be recognized by the market. Friend’s sister is now a net income of over a thousand dollars a day, the market is also particularly stable, because no one can compete, no one can seize their own market.

second to "low". Less money as far as possible from the small investment in small business, small products, do not look down on those small businesses, small business people, in fact, they earn a lot of oil flow. A reporter to see the community hospital dean in the hospital of periarthritis of shoulder, old classmates I strongly recommend drinking in their hospital has just introduced a "Royal Wine hall" wine, a course of 1200 yuan, because the pre is free to try to drink, no money, I decided to try. First, because it is free, but also because I have a major problem is the old shoulder, tried a lot of methods, the effect is not ideal. I did not expect to drink Royal Wine hall on the third day of the body more comfortable, and so I finished the course of treatment for 2, has felt completely free. Please pay 2400 yuan! But the old students do not accept a point. I really want to see, however, I can not give, old classmates had to tell the whole story. Originally, the introduction of their technology, only 980 yuan, according to the process of wine is a wine of their hospital hall own cook, my 2 courses of wine costs only 36 yuan. His hospital on average every day with the Royal Wine hall treatment of about 10 people, net profit over 10000, no wonder recommended

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