What kind of job you can identify yourself

you are a job or business, you can tell it? Oh, the answer is not as simple as imagined, look at the following seven points of entrepreneurship and employment differences, compare yourself, maybe you can get the answer!

1, the lack of long-term goals and thinking highly of

high is not empty is high, after repeated consideration after is high, can be achieved through the efforts of the high, is the bamboo into the chest high.

2, complete the work of

entrepreneurs complete definition of a job refers to something completely resolved, can fix today must not wait until tomorrow. While the employment will used to work in accordance with the number of days to complete decomposition, only part of the work day, commuting time to the heart used to go home, and the rest of the work tomorrow, think in the company are not willing to stay for a minute.

3, single link and the whole system of

in an enterprise or company, the most common is in after the accident, the boss will pursue responsibility, shirking responsibility, the great unity of keep step with very few people, accounting for them admit their own lack of work, but stressed that he must have their own that link well, as for cohesive staff out of question, and I have nothing to do. Deep thinking of employment, the first problem encountered is to avoid, and then try to push others. In this way, the employment is also increasingly impossible

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