5D cinema really easy to make money

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2D cinema in the current market is no longer attractive, even if there is a 3D movie, but also can not meet the demand to consumers, because of this, all 4D/5D cinemas began to come out, and also become a big business in the investment market. So, 5D cinema really easy to make money?

invested a few million yuan to earn 100 thousand cinema month? Zhang recently received a flyer to join a little doubt, although 3D’s "Afanda" hit a ten billion box office myth, 4D/5D dynamic three-dimensional cinema can really make money? Yesterday, the Herald reporter visited the market found that this was described by the manufacturers of the unusual tempting pie, in fact, really eat up more like a hard nut to crack.

join an ad than an attractive

see a 5D movie only 18 yuan." Yesterday afternoon, a pair of lovers in front of the Korean motion 5D film shop stopped, the price of 18 yuan on the wall signs let the couple suddenly moved heart.

marked on the walls of the more than and 30 films in the election, bought a ticket, wearing special glasses, boarded a special seat, the couple began a wonderful journey of 5D experience. With the projector began to cast the image on the screen, the couple like to sit on a slow start of the roller coaster, with the roller coaster ride down, the seat synchronization swing.

in a falling into the cliff image, the seat of a strong sense of falling almost make them cry out. When the sight of the scene when a birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, smell, bubble flying, everything seems real. And when the screen appears a shot of the iceberg, they even feel the cold.

, however, the film is too short time, just 10 minutes or so, the blink of an eye has ended. It seems that the couple, the film content is not much, but the feeling of 5D movie is really good, like a journey of experience.

this 4D/5D movie theater, now in Xiamen, in fact, a few, only in the hair of the commercial plaza, Herald reporter found three such cinemas.

attract these businesses to invest in 4D/5D cinema is an attractive return on investment. Herald reporter Internet search found that 4D/5D movies to join the brand up to dozens of manufacturers, to join the information is very attractive – most of the commitments can earn 100 thousand yuan a month, as long as a few million investment. One of the companies specially calculations: according to the 300 thousand annual city minimum I, 50 thousand people watched × 20 yuan = 1 million yuan a year income, while the two artificial spending year salary 30 thousand + = 65 thousand + 5 thousand miscellaneous hydropower rent =10 yuan. In fact, the franchisee to recover the cost of

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