What should be paid attention to twin cigarette

life is similar to a person, there are also similar products in the packaging of similar products, if a careless, it is possible to take the wrong, or the customer feel fooled, or the owner to eat a stuffy loss. In particular, some cigarettes, packaging at first glance are almost the same, once the loss caused by the shop is very unfavorable.

One night a few days before

, eight o’clock, shop to a customer to buy cigarettes, because it is regular, and that he usually love smoking seven yuan a box of "diamond (hard Dafuyuan)", so I took the customer one hundred yuan money smoothly from the smoke cabinet took two cigarette to him and turned to change, or to remind the customer found I took a cigarette.

originally, in a hurry, I handed him ten yuan a box of "Huang Jinye (Jin Mantang)". This "diamond (hard Fu Yuan)" and "Huang Jinye (Jin Mantang)" packaging is too similar, are red and yellow, "three" style design, an inattentive, it will be wrong. This time, thanks to the regular kind righteousness, I did not lose money to do business.

with this lesson, I made a lot of adjustments to the store’s cigarette display, especially for the "twin" cigarette placement, I pay more attention to the following points:

is placed in a certain order. The packaging of the same color or similar cigarette. For example: according to the price of cigarettes placed in turn; according to the manufacturers of different cigarettes. The same color of cigarettes together, not only will make the customer feel confused, unable to start, and, when the old man to see the store or business busy, it is easy to confuse, sell wrong, resulting in the loss of shops.

two is to adhere to the price tag. Standardize the use of cigarette price tags, labels and cigarettes one correspondence, placed in a prominent position, so that customers can not only at a glance, rest assured that the purchase, but also to avoid errors in sales.

after a "toss", cigarettes in the cigarette cabinet display becomes neat and beautiful, the store also appears to operate the high-end cigarette atmosphere, customers are more willing than usual to patronize my store. Looking at the store cigarette sales increased day by day, at the same time, also increased my interest in learning the knowledge of cigarette sales. Every time a new cigarette purchase, I will read to learn about new promotional materials or manual, familiar with the new cigarette production, smoke flavor, tar content and other characteristics, especially the characteristics and meaning of the packaging products, I will keep in mind, so as to the exact area and in the sales promotion to customers.

"twins" products are now in the commercial market is actually very common, frequently encountered, in short, now many new types of cigarettes, often encounter cigarette "twins", such as: Diamond (Fashion) and Abba, diamond (Fortune) and diamond (soft red Ruyi).

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