What is the name of the bar taboo

although there are many ways to give a shop name and skills, however, there are many taboos. If you want to store a suitable name, naturally need to understand these taboos. So, what is the name of the bar taboo? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

bar named taboo 1, avoid bad intentions

, for example, you are engaged in the manufacture and sale of cosmetics, so whimsical. To login "heroin" trademarks and let consumers buy named. You may arrive in the trademark office but turned out!

bar name taboo 2, avoid polyphone

use the shop name like the use of homophones, unfamiliar words will bring great inconvenience to people’s call, meaning itself is not clear, the name has two or more pronunciation is more easy to let a person feel at a loss.

bar named taboo 3, avoid partial word

brand name is for consumers to call, this should take into account the popularity of the word, but it is regrettable that some trademarks in the name of the word also exist some very serious problems.

bar, 4 name taboo taboo meaning obscure

bar name implied meaning is too deep voice, others do not understand. As with unfamiliar words, what is good, no one knows, good moral has no meaning.

bar name taboo 5, Jiyong inauspicious words

is a commercial name taboo unlucky. Because it not only to the name of the owner of bad associations, but more importantly, it will affect the acceptance of the main body of others, whether the subject is a person, a business, and even politics will be affected.

a careless, to the shop played a taboo name, which for the development of the entire store will naturally have a very big negative influence. Therefore, if you want to successfully open a bar, the name of the need to deal with carefully.

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