What are the projects that girls do

nei, who says women can’t do, who says girls than boys. On the road of entrepreneurship, as long as the choice of a good way to start a business, choose a good entrepreneurial direction, choose a good project, girls can achieve great cause! What are the projects that girls do? Xiaobian for your collection!

child care centre

the entrepreneurial projects for 25-55 years of age, above the level of high school female. Initial investment of about 30 thousand yuan, for rent 50-80 Square Street Housing and simple decoration, the purchase of children’s toys, children’s books, small tables and chairs, etc.. Another need to hire 1 preschool professionals, responsible for the implementation of children’s games, observe children’s behavior, to provide advice to parents. According to the actual situation to open up care, boarding and other services. Project investment is small, the risk is small, the return is stable, the annual rate of return can exceed!

children Bookstore

restructuring of old clothes shop

the project to break the traditional big change small, fat thin, fill the holes in the scope of services, mainly to provide creative design restructuring clothing for customers, while providing restructuring accessories, such as ribbons, beads, zippers etc.. The reconstruction does not fit or style of clothes behind the style, or to be discarded clothes changed into other items, such as dolls, headrest backrest, Home Furnishing accessories etc.. Small shops should not be large, the investment cost is not high, but the owner of the creative design capabilities and skills have certain requirements.

There are many different


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