Shop business needs to pay attention to work site

a store operation, we need to pay attention to those jobs? The idea of each owner may be different, but for small series, the site is not the same, but also need to pay attention to the operators. This not, yesterday afternoon, a friend sent a message, meaning to open my own business, but lack of experience, she knows I do business for a long time, some shop to come to consult the relevant information, ask how can I do a good business, I gave her some advice: think in the increasingly fierce competition the market is in their own shops occupy a space for one person, the first step in the shop location is very important.

business location: according to my observation, a good shop, business scope and business positioning is the key. If your shop is the main business of some fast moving consumer goods, such as cosmetics, such as non-staple food should be chosen near the residential area or community; if you want to operate a number of household electrical appliances, furniture and other consumer goods, it is necessary to consider the city with convenient transportation; if you want to operate clothing, you should choose the flow relatively large commercial street.

in addition, but also consider their target consumer groups, the object is the general public or senior consumer groups, which is also an important factor in selected locations as the owner need to refer to. Under normal circumstances, the flow of people is relatively large, or local commercial activities are more frequent, more mature commercial facilities are considered the scope of the first.

observation of the environment pay attention to traffic: a good business, "traffic" is "revenue", do not be afraid of intensive competition in a remote address selection, the more crowded shops, crowded place, traffic is bigger, and some passenger scarce, slow the development of the area, though there is no competition, but there is no good prospects for development. In addition, the shop is also very important position and orientation, must choose the traffic on both ends of the street, the traffic of pedestrians can pass smoothly, avoid the shop in a "dead end", unless your shop is very unique.

in the street, because the pedestrian habits decide the direction toward the passenger flow, therefore, we must first look at the direction of flow in the location decision to play before; it is a reminder that if it is in the bus station and passenger train station more places to shop, because the passenger flow faster, the purchase is not the main purpose, so that must look to their own business goals and goods.

traffic control can not be ignored: the fast development in the market, traffic tools in the era of location before, be sure to visit this location is not in the traffic control, the store can free parking, now in some big city traffic developed, will limit the vehicle parked time, one-way traffic, vehicle type, if any these restrictions, you must pay attention to, even if you shop and eye-catching, also because of traffic control and let the customers looking shop disappointed. Therefore, the convenient traffic conditions is one of the selected locations.


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