The stall became a millionaire

we walk on the way out will often see stalls, their daily income is small, basically is to earn some extra money, or time to want to spend the time, but some people even stall can earn millions of dollars, what is not a small exaggeration here, then. Look down to know.

300 yuan stall began to earn 150 thousand

14 months ago, claiming to be poor two generation, Bao Zhengzhong is still worried about the life of the second day. After 14 months, he and his wife rely on the table, a small piece of a small piece of paper together, starting with $300, earned 150 thousand yuan a year, and opened a small clothing store in. Bao Zhengzhong put his entrepreneurial story to the internet. This article entitled "300 stall, I make 150 thousand the year" post, appeared on the Internet in two large forum at the same time, to tell the story of his serial Liantan success, attracted hundreds of thousands of users concerned, Bao Zhengzhong has thus been dubbed "Liantan emperor".

"300 dollars to start, who believe it?"!"…… With the user’s question, the Xinhua News Agency "Chinese network in an interview with the author of" Liantan emperor "package Zhengzhong. Poor boy started with 300 yuan in the afternoon when the fast point of about 6, we stand on the stall…… My wife kept shouting, 15 A, 15 A, but from 6 to 7 and a half hour, almost nothing of what people see. How to do? How to do? "This is Bao Zhengzhong in the post description of a first day. The 28 year old Bao Zhengzhong was born in Jingyuan County, Gansu province ruoli Township, here is the famous nine years of drought, poor place.

2004, came to the provincial capital of Lanzhou to find a dream package Zhengzhong even have no place. After a few years, he worked in a bar, earning barely enough to live. In March 2016, Bao Zhengzhong and his wife, Wang Wei, were married in Lanzhou. With the family, but two people do not have a decent job, after finishing the wedding, the two men together, only $300. Later life? The wife to Bao Zhengzhong: "the courage to try, perhaps can have 300 dollars to do business! Gingerly holding 300 dollars, Zhengzhong bag pulling Wang Wei’s hand in the wholesale market, house to house to house to house than. Finally, they took a fancy to a group of cheap clothes, two people overjoyed, with a piece of old sheets wrapped in these clothes, took to the Yongchang City Road, the night market on sale on the road to the market.

The formation of

five or six years ago, Yongchang road night market is a long and less than 500 meters wide, only a few meters of the street, now every night, hundreds of people gathered here Liantan ". City Management Department has proposed to ban the Yongchang road night market, because of the difficulty is too large, then proposed, as long as the stall within the stipulated time, no harm to public health and facilities, no longer forced to stop a behavior. Now every evening when the Yongchang road is recommended

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